Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)
WKPT metal processing supplier pays great attention to corporate sustainability and is committed to continuous improvement relevant policies and goal fulfillment.
Environmental Safety
  • Commit to comply with environmental and occupational safety and health regulations.
  • Commit to protecting the environment and preventing hazards.
  • Commit to achieving an energy-efficient and harmless workplace by continuous improvement.
  • Manage pollution, safety, and health through full participation.
Also, adopt the following policy:
  • 01
    Comply with environmental protection, labor safety, and health regulations, and respond to the global green environmental protection, labor rights, and zero-accident movement.
    • 02
      Enhance supervision of environmental protection and risk management, also reduce environmental impact by high-efficient resource utilization.
    • 03
      Create a healthy and comfortable working environment based on self-management to prevent occupational disasters and risks.
    • 04
      Integrity management. No illegal profits and bribes.
    • 05
      Equal opportunity in WKPT. No harassment, discrimination, or harsh treatment against workers. Keep two-way communication channels open and encourage consultation and participation of workers to maintain good employer and employee relationships.
Employee Occupational Health and Safety

WKPT metal processing factory prevents disasters on occupational safety and health control measures. Emergency response plans include regular maintenance of fire equipment by professional suppliers and technicians. Annual fire drill, monthly fire and electricity usage management, and regular update of internal fire crew.

Employees are the corporation's most valuable asset. WKPT has above-average health care for employees, including annual health examinations, an in-house lactation room, AED, and first-aid training. In addition, WKPT encourages workers to fully express their opinions through different channels, such as a suggestion box and public expression in monthly meetings.

Duty of Confidentiality

Information and documents between WKPT and customers are regarded as confidential. Therefore, employees are responsible for their own data protection and confidentiality. No leak and snoop of any information and document within or without their own business scope. Employees are aware of not leaking any confidential information from the company and customers, to provide a reliable confidential impression and win customers' trust.