Aluminum Alloy Exhaust Gas Manifold

Exhaust gas manifold, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) body, or automotive secondary intake manifold, secondary exhaust gas upper manifold. The partial product shape and size is shaped by gravity casting aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy workpiece by gravity casting has stable quality. This makes castings with high precision dimensions and finer surface roughness, which can reduce the range of machining. The exhaust gas manifold is used to guide the exhaust gas back to the intake manifold, making it inhaled and burned by the engine again. Product properties should have high temperature resistance and vibration resistance. The dimension and shape tolerance is required to be below 15μm, and the surface roughness is required to be below Ra1.6.

Aluminum of Gravity Casting
Automotive, transportation and vehicle
Quality Inspection
Three-dimensional measurement
Surface Treatment or Post Process

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