Environmental Friendly

  • Our Environment Safety Policy

    World Known Precision (Taiwan) has been dedicated to creating eco-friendly surroundings. Following policies we have done, including environment safety policy, energy-efficient and carbon reduction, water resource management, air pollution control and friendly workplace. In environment safety policy, we promise to follow the environment and occupational safety regulations to protect our workplace and prevent hazards, continuously improve ourselves to realize energy-saving and hazard-free workplace, and full participation of safety management. We have got accreditations of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety System, reflecting our commitments to reduce waste in resources, and a safe workplace for our employees.

    We have got accreditations of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety System.
  • Energy-Saving and Carbon Reduction

    We are devoted to energy-saving and carbon reduction for environmental protection and global climate change. For example, we improve indoor air quality with office greening; reduce electricity consumption with LED lights and induction lights; install ERP systems for digital and paperless office. Monthly power consumption data will be collected and analyzed for a better power consumption efficiency.

    WKPT uses LED light and induction light for reducing electricity consumption.
  • Air Pollution Control

    WKPT's main business is precision metalworking production. Oil mist and volatilization of organic solvents is the point of our protection work. Oil mist collectors are installed on-site to reduce oil mist emission. Another example is activated carbon towers installed to collect organic solvents during the manufacturing process and properly handled before emission.

  • Oil mist collector is installed above every machining equipment for reducing oil mist emission.
    WKPT has done more than environmental regulations, such as installing activated carbon equipment, which makes adsorption of hazardous molecules to activated carbon.
  • Water Resource Management

    WKPT has installed water saving devices and promoted water conservation in the manufacturing process and employees' daily use. Besides, sewage disposal equipment is installed for sewage in the manufacturing process, handled with batch precipitation, Bioreactor, sludge dewatering, etc. All equipment is well maintained for normal operation. Raw wastewater and effluent will be examined by an external environment agency regularly, as well as a sampling audit by the government.

    WKPT has built a sewage disposal system for industrial wastewater batch precipitation.
  • Friendly Work Environment

    WKPT is dedicated to creating a friendly work environment for employees. WKPT prevents disasters through occupational safety and health control measures. Emergency response plans include regular maintenance of fire equipment by professional suppliers and technicians. Annual fire drill, monthly fire and electricity usage management and regular update of internal fire crew.

    WKPT has above average health care for employees, including annual health examination, in-house lactation room, AED and first-aid training. In addition, for employee wellbeing, WKPT encourages workers to fully express their opinions through different channels, such as Suggestion box and public expression in monthly meetings.

    Regular disinfection for a safe workplace.