Cast Iron Hydraulic Cylinder

Construction machinery always works under harsh environments. Its hydraulic system bears the loading of the excavator all-around, so the hydraulic cylinder is considered with high-pressure resistance. Such product properties are suitable for tough ductile cast iron without any casting defects which may leak inside. In order to increase operation stability, standard such as concentricity and surface roughness are strictly applied on machining precision. High precision specs guarantee that all processes are done precisely.

High resistance, evenly distributed gray cast iron.
Machining Technique
Precision turning, milling and graphite nesting, plus deburring and high pressure leakage testing.
We can produce cylinder parts which have shaft hole length over 300mm, concentricity under 0.05mm.

Construction machinery and the hydraulic cylinder part have different sizes. The bigger the cylinder part, the harder in production, pressure resistance needs to reach 350 bar. We have extensive experience and performance in cylinder parts.

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