Since WKPT's establishment, we have accumulated many metal processing achievements based on decades of casting experience. After creating a leading edge in commercial vehicle parts, we have expanded the goal to become a global leader in precision processing components manufacturing. In the field of metal processing, our advantages will be your boost.
Through our precision machining services, our produced components are used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, vehicle transportation, green power generation and semiconductor industries. With accumulated know-how over decades, we can master the key properties of various industrial applications, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties. Through the mastery of material types and the corresponding process planning, we can manufacture related products that best meet the needs of various industries. Regardless of the industry, we value the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection. From improving fuel efficiency, reducing weight, and reducing emissions and pollution, we ensure that our products comply with the latest environmental regulations. In terms of material selection, process planning and environmental protection, we will be your right-hand partner in industry development.
We have cooperated with leading brands in various industries for many years, and have stably provided representative components such as flywheel housing, power mounting cover, gearbox mandrel, and brake. In addition to the industries currently covered, we also expand our service scope further to body and chassis supply arrangements for the electric vehicle industry, and aim to become a global leader in precision processing components manufacturing.

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