Carbon Steel

Carbon steel materials are often used in metal parts with high strength, hardness and wear resistance, such as steel cables and cutting tools.

Carbon steel refers to steel with a carbon content of more than 0.02% and less than 2% (more than 2% is called cast iron, less than 0.02% called wrought iron), and with little other elements. It is also the metal material with the highest production.

Compared to alloy steel which has more elements (not impurities) steel, carbon steel is commonly used in metal parts which need high strength, hardness and wear resistance. The more carbon content of the steel, the higher the hardness, strength and wear resistance after heat treatment.

It depends on the mechanical properties of tensile strength, fatigue strength, yield strength, impact resistance and heat treatment process, whether carbon steel is suitable for specific parts or not. If the properties of carbon steel can meet the requirements of the part, carbon steel has a price advantage over other steels.

WKPT mainly uses bar steel, or various types of carbon steel sheets which are cut and rolled for material machining. It can be applied to metal products, mechanical equipment, transportation tools, molds, pressure vessels, boiler parts, as well as pipelines and rails, etc.

Types of Carbon Steel
  • High Carbon Steel
    High Carbon Steel contains carbon from 0.6% to 2%, as known as with a long tempering time and high carbon content. It is commonly used in bearings, knives, rails, steel frame molds (used to shape steel) and steel doors.
  • Mid Carbon Steel
    Mid Carbon Steel contains carbon from 0.3% to 0.6%, as known as with a shorter tempering time than high carbon steel and moderate carbon content. Its properties are between high carbon steel and low carbon steel. It is mainly used in manufacturing of stainless steel.
  • Low Carbon Steel
    Low Carbon Steel contains carbon from 0.02% to 0.3%, as known as with short tempering time, soft, stamping-resistant and malleable. It is mainly used in manufacturing of steel bars, stamping-resistant parts, special steels, etc...
Comparison Table of Cast Iron Materials in Various Countries
Carbon Steel
S15C CK15 080M15 1015
S45C CK45 080M46 1045

Alloy Steel
SCM415 15CrMo5    
SCM435 34CrMo4 708M35 4135
SCM440 42CrMo4 708M40 4140
SKD11     D2
SKD61     H13

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