Aluminum Alloy Medical Equipment Bracket

After multiple tests by the development team, mass production will be begun after the quality is confirmed by the customer. Since the product requires high mechanical properties, including tensile strength and hardness, the manufacturing process is set aluminum alloy blocks for full engraving, which also increases the difficulty of processing and process time. In addition, at least two or more machine tools are used in the manufacturing process for multi-axis machining, and the product size is prone to deviate due to deformation during the cutting process. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the machining procedure to reserve the machining amount, and refine in the final stage to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance.

6061 aluminum blocks
Medical, biomedical, medical and health sciences, medical testing
Quality Inspection
Three-dimensional measurement, film thickness measurement
Surface Treatment or Post Process
Hard anodizing over 25μm, porous shielding (due to the use of manual work for shielding), energized locking , brushed finish

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