Cast Iron Wind Turbine Brake Parts

WKPT is the only one supplier of wind turbine brake cylinders in Taiwan. The material selection of wind turbine components is rather strict; the wind turbine brake system is made of ductile iron material with better low temperature impact resistance than EN-GJS-LT, which can still work even at temperatures far below 0°C. In addition, the workpiece is heavy so it needs to be processed by large-scale machining equipment. The size requirement of workpiece is strict and has long and deep holes, so it needs to be machined with special tools.

Ductile iron with low temperature and impact resistance
Land wind energy, offshore wind energy, industrial brake, constructional machinery, ships, offshore heavy industry
Quality Inspection
Three-dimensional measurement, adhesion test
Surface Treatment or Post Process
Surface coating, salt spray resistance test for 720 hours, piston parts, o-rings, oil seal assembly, design, manufacturing and assembly of brake pad

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