Cast Iron Machining Services

WKPT is a company that can provide a variety of high-quality, full-scale cast iron products, including gray cast iron, ductile iron, high-silicon-molybdenum ductile iron, Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), and other special customized materials. ADI has a higher elongation rate and is dominant under the same tensile strength as other materials, so it is commonly used in many industrial parts, such as turbine housing, cylinder chambers, exhaust manifolds, chassis, and cantilever brackets, etc. in transportation, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery. The global demand for ADI has grown substantially. At present, the annual output is 180,000 tons in Taiwan and it might replace malleable cast iron and forged steel potentially in the future.

In addition to ADI, WKPT has also developed other types of high-quality cast iron materials such as low-temperature impact-resistant ductile iron. This material has a better impact resistance at low temperatures, which makes it ideal for mechanical parts in low-temperature environments. At present, We have developed -20°C low-temperature impact-resistant cast iron and kept researching –40~-60°C cast iron continuously. In addition, WKPT has been researching and developing cast iron with high ferrite structure and high spheroidization rate, which will be used in various mechanical parts. As stated above, WKPT is a trustworthy supplier of cast iron products that is capable of providing customers with a variety of high-quality, full-spec cast iron products to meet the demands of customers.

Cast iron materials are usually smelted in different proportions of pig iron, scrap steel and ferroalloys, etc.
Main Types and Properties of Cast Iron Processed by WKPT
Gray Cast Iron
Graphite is in the form of a flake. It has advantages in cost, castability, workability, shock absorption, and intermetallic friction. It is still the most widely used type of cast iron in industries.
Comparison Table of Cast Iron in Various Countries
Countries Standards Grades
EU EN 1561 GJL 200 GJL 250 GJL 300
Germany DIN 1691 GG-20 GG-25 GG-30
Japan JIS.G5501 FC200 FC250 FC300
USA ASTM A48 Class 25 Class 35 Class 40
USA SAE J431B G2500 G 3500 G4000
Ductile Cast Iron
It is a high-performance cast iron obtained by white cast iron after spheroidizing and inoculating. The precipitated graphite is spherical, so it is called ductile cast iron. The plasticity and toughness of ductile cast iron have been greatly improved compared to ordinary cast iron, so it can replace steel in some areas.
Comparison Table of Cast Iron in Various Countries
Countries Standards Grades
EU EN 1563 GJS 400/12 GJS 500/7 GJS 600/3
Germany DIN 1693 GGG-40 GGG-50 GGG-60
Japan JIGG5502 FCD400 FCD500 FCD600
USA ASTM A536 65-45-12 70-50-07 80-60-03
USA SAE J434B D4512 D5007 D6003
Photo Gallery
Cast iron is a widely used material in industrial applications. This is the machining cast iron part of excavators in construction machinery.

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