TWSE reviewed World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited listing case

TWSE convened the Securities Listing Review Committee on October 31, 2019 to review and approve the World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited KY4581) initial application for the primary listing of stocks.

The CHAIRMAN of the company is LYU,HUANG-FU, with a capital of NT$300 million and a net value of NT$7.427 billion at the time of application for listing. The main business includes the processing, manufacturing and sales of commercial vehicle components, green energy (wind power) parts and other precision metal parts Etc., The counseling underwriter is JihSun Securities.

From 2016 to 2018, the consolidated pre-tax net profit was NT$114 million, NT$142 million and NT$193 million, the first half of 2019 was NT$78.69 million. The after-tax earnings per share (EPS) was NT$3.39, 3.69, 4.93 and 2 respectively.

In terms of market structure, in the first half of 2019, China accounted for 11.13%, USA, Europe, Japan and other region accounted for 88.87%. Until September 19, 2019, all directors was 9 seats, total shareholding was 49.15%.