WKPT Awarded Taichung Golden Hand

WKPT Awarded Taichung Golden Hand
17 SMEs awarded Taichung Golden Hand, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen appreciated growth against the

The 19th Taichung World Maker Award was announced and 17 SMEs were awarded. To affirm the contribution of local enterprises to the economy, IDIPC held a great ceremony today (Oct-31) at Windsor Hotel Taichung. Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen affirmed that awarded SMEs are still growing against the trend under severe economic conditions. She hopes the awarded SMEs can give back to employees and society, and the city government will be the best support for SMEs.

“Black Hand to Golden Hand” Mayor Lu said that Taichung City is an important manufacturing town and used to be started from traditional machinery. Many local SMEs started from “black-hand” workers. It’s a top honor to be awarded as a world maker, for it’s necessary to have excellent products and credible and strong R&D ability which is audited by a jury. SMEs dedicated themselves to the US-China trade war and COVID-19 and made Taichung have the biggest investment amount among Taiwan’s six special municipalities.

Mayor Lu said the city government advocates a light tax policy, reducing Land Value tax to support local SMEs. Besides, the city government invested NT$5.8 billion dollars in building the Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shuinan Trade and Economic Park (S.T.E.P). The convention center will be an important sales & production platform to exchange skills and attract global buyers in Taichung.

Zhang, Ming-Bin, the CHAIRMAN of InvesTaiwan, MOEA said, Taichung has the most amount of investment and SMEs, the total investment amount is over NT$200 billion dollars, also increased the investment in nearby cities Miaoli, Changhua, Nantou, and Chiayi.

Huang, Yu-Shan, the director of IDIPC said, “great success on team; small success on individual” Rome wasn’t built in a day. Corporate operation is like a precision machine. Hope the powerful momentum in Taichung can drive Taiwan’s economy.

IDIPC said a total of 17 SMEs won the Golden Hand award, including World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd., IC Star Group, OAV Equipment & Tool, Inc., LIAN YU OIL SEAL Enterprise Co., Ltd., Sharp-Eyed Precision Parts Co., Ltd., Hopak Machinery Co., LTD., Avalong Technology Co., Ltd., Zhan Yi Co., Ltd., Autocam Technology Co., Ltd., KingLeader, WEBB ELECTRIC Co., Ltd., Smatech Machinery Co., Ltd., INNOVATOR Machinery, Shin Wei Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd., U-START CO., LTD., Jung Yi Steel Co., Ltd. and Cosda Manufacturing Company.

IDIPC said Taichung City started from traditional machinery to precision machinery in Golden Valley, especially the machine tool industry with world-leading advantage. Due to COVID-19 this year, the manufacturing industry situation is very hard; many SMEs have seen negative growth. Nevertheless, the award-winners still keep upgrading and expanding the global sales market. Zhang, Feng-Yuam, the minister of the Economic Development Bureau, Dong, Wen-Rong, the Current President of Golden Hand Association, Ke, Chao-Zhi, founding president of Golden Hand Association, Huang, Xin-Hui, City Councilor and the representative of City Councilor Ran, Ling-Xuan all attended for congratulation.

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