WKPT Receives Patent for Manufacturing Technique to Swash Plate of Hydraulic Pump

New Hydraulic Pump Swashplate Manufacturing Technique Enhance Mechanical Precision and Lifespan
WKPT's invention patent for new swash plate manufacturing technology increases the surface hardness and smoothness of the swash plate, reduces the wear between the swash plate and the sliding shoe, and improves the mechanical accuracy and service life of the hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic pumps are essential components in various industrial applications. They operate by using the reciprocating motion of pistons to compress fluid and generate the required pressure. Piston pumps are a common type of hydraulic pump known for their ability to handle high-pressure working environments. However, a critical component of piston pumps, known as the swashplate, and the shoes on the swashplate, are prone to wear and tear during operation. This can directly impact the overall performance of the pump.

With the trend of hydraulic pumps moving towards high-speed, high-pressure, high-capacity, and low-noise operation, the requirements for the lifespan of swashplates and shoes have become even more demanding. Some companies have attempted to improve the sliding properties between the shoes and the swashplate by adding shims to the swashplate surface to reduce wear. However, over extended periods of use, these shims may slip or become misaligned, affecting the mechanical precision of the hydraulic pump. Additionally, adding shims increases the complexity of the manufacturing process, leading to higher production costs for hydraulic pumps.

In response to this challenge, WKPT has developed a novel swashplate manufacturing technology and obtained an invention patent. The key to reducing wear between the swashplate and shoes while simplifying the swashplate's structure lies in the manufacturing process. Through process adjustments that increase the surface hardness and smoothness of the swashplate, WKPT has enhanced its sliding and wear resistance properties without the need for additional shims. This innovation simplifies the structure. This manufacturing technology not only improves the mechanical precision and lifespan of hydraulic pumps but also has the expectation of reducing manufacturing costs, delivering higher added value to the hydraulic machinery equipment industry.

WKPT is committed to advancing the technology and value of metalworking. The swashplate manufacturing technology, which has received an invention patent, is the achievement of our research and development efforts. With many years of experience and expertise in metalworking, we look forward to providing higher value added to customers in industries such as transportation, industrial machinery, green energy, and high-precision equipment.