World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited-KY Listed

World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited-KY (4581) went public on March 9 at NT$35 per share, and the stock price opened with a rise of NT$7.15, reaching a maximum NT$46 in early morning, a 31% increase.

World Known MFG (Cayman) Limited-KY (4581) took bidding auction and public subscription. The lowest bid price is NT$41.1; the highest bid price is NT$65, and the weighted average price is NT$44.68. This time the number of shares under the bidding auction was 2,713 thousand shares, and the number of publicly subscribed shares was 778 thousand shares. The number of bids that participated in the bidding was 1,066, and a total of 1,025 qualified bids. The pubilc underwriting price is NT$35 per share.

The company is mainly located in Fuzhou, China and Taichung, Taiwan. Since company establishing, it has been engaged in various metal precision processing business. The application fields are mainly commercial vehicles and wind power, also aggressively deploying in electric vehicles. LIU,HUANG-FU, the chairman of the company said, there will be a very good performance in operation based on company order situation.

Resource:TWSE Video