ISO 14001

Since the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, from 2016 to 2030, each nation must protect the environment and tackle climate change while pursuing economic performance. We request ourselves to maintain the operation performance while demonstrating environmental responsibility. So we decided to import ISO 14001 environmental management systems, paying equal importance to corporate development as well as environment management.

After reviewing, our existing environment management systems have met the requirements of domestic environmental regulations, but they are not systematically managed and not synchronized with international standards yet.

The main environmental safety regulations of ISO 14001 include air, water, waste, and other environmental regulations. We have carried out the following preventive and testing measures from all aspects:
  1. Air pollution prevention: All facilities are complied with environmental regulations, and will be re-tested when facilities and capacity change.
  2. Water pollution prevention: All facilities have complied with environmental regulations of discharge water, and get detected regularly by the third party.
  3. Waste disposal: All waste has been recycled and is being checked regularly if recycled indeed.
  4. Toxic Chemicals Management: All chemical storage is prevented from leaking, also with warning signs are separated with a fence.
  5. Noise pollution prevention: All facilities have complied with environmental regulations. We’re located in the residential-business mix area, which belongs to a noisy control area that requires tranquility. Detection is necessary if noise has increased from the facilities and the factory.
  6. Drinking water management: The quality of drinking water meets the requirements. Water quality will be inspected every three months, and the filter replaced every two months. The vendor is asked to maintain the water dispenser regularly and recycle the used filters.

During the process of integrating international environmental regulations with daily operations, the most common difficulty we encounter is changing people’s habits. Due to this, we strengthened training and propaganda at the monthly crew meeting, making everyone familiar with the meaning and goals of ISO 14001. Besides, the concept that environmental management is closely related to company operation not extra missions is also acknowledged by all.

After getting accreditation of the ISO 14001 environmental management system, we actively develop green energy products in pace with government energy policy which focuses on renewable energy and climate change. We fulfill corporate social responsibility by preventing potential pollution and promoting waste reduction, heading forward to sustainable development.

WKPT has passed the accreditation of ISO 14001 environmental management system
WKPT has passed the accreditation of ISO 14001 environmental management system. We request ourselves to synchronize with international standards, enhancing sustainable development and corporate competitiveness.

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