ISO 45001

Where there is an enterprise, there are workers. Ensuring the safety of workers is the base of an enterprise's sustainability as well as the focus of the business operation. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has already released an article on occupational safety and health in 1981. Since 2003, April 28 has been designated as "World Labor Safety and Health Day", to let more people pay attention to occupational hazards and prevention of occupational disease.

Employees are the corporation’s most valuable asset. We have attached importance to occupational safety and health for many years and made our organizational rules in line with the domestic Occupational Safety and Health Act and the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)

Compared with the previous OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 covers a wider range of aspects such as risk management and hazard identification, participation of management, and non-management, which is a more comprehensive occupational safety and health system. We’ve realized the aforementioned aspects through actual works as follows:

  1. Hazard identification and risk management:

    We strengthen hazard identification and risk management on site by the safety and health management system, achieving the purpose of risk control, accident prevention, and continuous improvement. For example, we’ve done the following hardware configurations.

    • In order to prevent the hazards caused by falling, mobile work cages are installed for mechanical maintenance in aloft work, and with safety protection gears.
    • In order to prevent the hazards caused by machinery, warning facilities are installed around the equipment, which is operated by certified workers with protective gear.
    • In order to prevent the hazards caused by electricity, all electrical boxes in the factory are equipped with insulated panels.
    • In order to prevent the hazards caused by chemicals, the emergency shower is installed for contaminated concern.
    • At the social and psychological aspects, we care for and maintain the physical and mental health of our employees, holding a zero-tolerance attitude towards the following aspects.
    • Avoid workplace bullying and violence. Disseminate the definition, patterns, and coping rules of workplace bullying to employees and provide the grievance procedures.
    • Keep maternal health. Female employees during pregnancy and within one year after childbirth are prohibited from engaging in any work that affects the health of mothers or children.
    • Avoid excessive workload. Personnel management and preventive measures are implemented for shifts, night work, or long working hours on site, preventing risks of diseases caused by excessive workload.
  2. Participation of management and non-management: The C-level management declares the concept of occupational safety and health, expressing the corporate’s emphasis and on the occupational safety and health system. All employees receive occupational safety and health education at monthly crew meetings and participate in irregular fire drills and training.
Employees are the corporate’s most valuable asset. In addition to cultivating professional talents, we pay more attention to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment.
Through ISO 45001 certification, it represents the corporate’s commitment to the health and safety of employees, also a goal for corporate sustainability.
ISO 45001 Certification