Thread Machining Services

Thread Machining Service - Precision Connections and Transmissions by WKPT

World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (WKPT) is a comprehensive metalworking service provider, offering total metalworking solutions from design, and material supply, to expert production. One of our specialized services is thread machining, which includes lathe turning, milling, and screw tapping techniques.

  • Tracing the Origin of Thread Machining

    The roots of thread machining date back to the Industrial Revolution in England during the late 18th century. Initially established on lathe machines, modern thread machining has evolved to encompass milling, screw tapping, rolling, and thread-making machines. Threads find widespread use in mechanical engineering, serving as vital connections and power transmission components.

    Threading is a common machining technology. WKPT generally provides turning, milling, or tapping on thread machining
  • Diverse Methods of Thread Machining

    WKPT excels in three general types of thread machining services: thread turning, thread milling, and thread tapping. Thread turning involves cutting with shaping tools or thread tools on a rotating workpiece, suitable for precision manufacturing of internal and external threads in small quantities. For large-pitch internal and external threads with precise requirements, thread milling utilizes milling cutters with NC programming assistance. Alternatively, thread tapping creates internal threads in holes using thread tools, presenting yet another efficient method.

    Key Factors Influencing Thread Precision

    Thread precision is of utmost importance for successful connections and efficient power transmission. Several critical factors affect the accuracy of threads, including:

    • Stability of Clamping
      Proper clamping force is crucial to avoid offset or damage during machining.
    • Rigidity of Machining Center
      Higher rigidity minimizes vibrations, resulting in superior finished product accuracy.
    • Precision of Tools
      Different material properties impact tool wear and can affect thread machining precision.
    • Level of the Controller
      A higher-level controller converts motion commands more accurately, leading to improved finished product precision.
  • Quality Control and Inspection for Thread Machining

    To ensure exceptional quality, WKPT conducts a thorough inspection and quality control after thread machining. We utilize thread inspection equipment, including ring thread gauges, thread detectors, and 2.5D image measuring machines, to verify various thread parameters. From internal/external thread measurements to major/minor diameter, thread depth, pitch, and thread angle, our meticulous inspection guarantees customer satisfaction with our thread machining services.

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