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Precision CNC Milling Services - Experience the Finest Metal Machining Quality with WKPT

World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (WKPT) takes pride in offering top-notch precision CNC milling services. As a reliable company in the industry, we provide comprehensive milling solutions, encompassing design, material supply, and expert machining production.

  • CNC Milling Capabilities and Material Expertise

    Our metal CNC milling services cover a wide range of materials, enabling us to handle various projects with precision and efficiency. From the early days of working with cast iron and carbon steel to evolving our capabilities to include ductile iron and advanced aluminum alloys like the aerospace-grade 7 series, we have amassed decades of experience in metalworking.

    We have also successfully milled materials such as carbon fiber and nickel-zinc alloys, where stringent requirements for tool rigidity, milling machine stability, and spindle speed demand the highest levels of expertise and equipment performance. Our skilled professionals possess in-depth knowledge of advanced metalworking techniques, allowing us to overcome machining temperature impacts on deformation and precision, delivering exceptional results on every project.

    The Milling Machine is A Machinery with Carbide Tools That Rotate at High Speed to Mill The WorkpieceThe milling machine is a machinery with carbide tools that rotate at high speed to mill the workpiece.
  • Advantages of WKPT Aluminum Alloy Milling Machining

    One area where WKPT truly excels is in the machining of aluminum alloys, especially aerospace-grade 7 series aluminum alloys. These alloys are known for their high strength, toughness, and excellent processing plasticity due to the presence of Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, and other elements.

    Milling 7 series aluminum alloys demands a keen understanding of the material properties and precise machining techniques. Our team of experts at WKPT has honed their skills through years of experience, enabling us to achieve remarkable results in machining complex parts and achieving tight tolerances.

    Furthermore, our expertise extends beyond the milling process itself. We have accumulated extensive knowledge in the design of jigs and fixtures, which plays a critical role in maintaining precision and consistency during the machining of aluminum alloys. By utilizing advanced metalworking techniques and customizing our equipment to suit specific project requirements, we have earned a reputation as a reliable solution provider for CNC metal milling services.

    Thread Machining on Aluminum Casting Through The Tap Tool Of Cnc Milling MachinesThread machining on aluminum casting through the tap tool of CNC milling machines.
  • Comprehensive CNC Milling Solutions

    At WKPT, we understand that each project is unique, and we approach every task with a commitment to delivering top-quality results. With an extensive list of machining equipment, advanced cleaning methods, welding capabilities, and customized coating solutions, we offer comprehensive services tailored to our client's requirements.

    Experience the difference with WKPT's custom CNC milling services and let our expertise elevate your metalworking projects to new heights.

    WKPT Uses the DMG MORI Horizontal Machining Center in The Prototyping and Production of High-Precision WorkpiecesWe use the DMG MORI horizontal machining center in prototyping and production of high-precision workpieces.
1. Machining Equipment List
Types of Equipment Brand/Spec Working Range Q’ty
X Axis Y Axis Z Axis
Horizontal Machining Center DMG MORI NHX-4000 560mm 560mm 660mm 1
Horizontal Machining Center DMG MORI NHX-6300 1050mm 900mm 1030mm 4
Horizontal Machining Center KAFO HMC-630 1100mm 825mm 885mm 1
Vertical Machining Center Tongtai TMV-760A 760mm 450mm 530mm 1
Vertical Machining Center Tongtai TMV-850A 850mm 500mm 530mm 6
Vertical Machining Center Tongtai TMV-1100A 1100mm 530mm 530mm 4
Vertical Machining Center Champmill e-1100 1100mm 610mm 610mm 3
Vertical Machining Center KAFO VMC-106 1020mm 600mm 635mm 7
Vertical Machining Center KAFO VMC-137 1300mm 700mm 700mm 1
CNC Vertical Turning Center Tongtai TVL-6DA 760mm - 385mm 2
CNC Vertical Turning Center Tongtai TVL-40 390mm - 285mm 6
CNC Vertical Turning Center Victor Taichung VTURN-V760 780mm - 380mm 1
CNC Horizontal Turning Center Victor Taichung Vturn-26 360mm - 600mm 2
CNC Horizontal Turning Center Tatung OKUMA L400-E 390mm - 520mm 4
5-Axis Machining Center Champmill C50-5A
A-Axis Travel +30˚~-120˚
C-Axis Travel 60˚(Continuous)
810mm 700mm 610mm 1
5-Axis Machining Center FFG U-600P
A-Axis Rotation+110°~-90°
C-Axis Rotation 360°
460mm 620mm 400mm 1
5-Axis Machining Center Quaser UX600 885mm 800mm 500mm 1
1-1 Maximum Machining Size
  1. Vertical Machining Center:
    Products of machining range under length of 1300mm and width of 700mm.
  2. Horizontal Machining Center:
    Products of machining range under length of 1050mm and width of 900mm.
  3. Vertical Turning Center:
    Products of machining range under a diameter of 780mm.
  4. Horizontal Center:
    Products of machining range under a diameter of 390mm.
1-2 Process Capability / Machining Accuracy
For machining aperture, the roundness could be controlled under 0.005mm, and the straightness could be controlled under 0.005mm.
The distance between each aperture could be controlled under 0.01mm (special request), or under 0.02mm (normal request).
2. Cleaning Equipment, High-Pressure Water Jet Deburring Equipment
Equipment Spec Q’ty
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine - 2
High-Pressure Water Jet Cutter - 1
3. Welding Equipment
Equipment Spec Q’ty
Automatic Welding Equipment - 1
4. Coating Equipment (Customized)
Equipment Description Q’ty
Liquid Coating Line Coating, Drying 1
5. Gas/Liquid Leak Detection Equipment
Equipment Description Q’ty
Liquid Leak Detection Machine - 1
Gas Leak Detection Machine - 1

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