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    In the precision machining industry, we discuss the feasibility of product projects with customers, starting from a sheet of drawing. The drawing carries all the information of the workpiece, and its dimensions, tolerances, and machining methods including details of the customer's product, which is also the key to measuring whether we would undertake this project or not. "Machining according to the drawings" is a common practice in the metalworking industry. To know whether the machining is actually according to the drawings, measurement is a necessary procedure. Through measurement, we can know whether the workpiece is within the range of geometric tolerance, surface tolerance, and position tolerance, and meet the product quality requirements of the customers.

    In the field of precision machining, there are many factors that can affect the yield of finished products; human factors are one of them. How to reduce the impact of human factors on yield is the focus of what we’ve improved in the past. In recent years, we have imported the online measurement system and established an automatic production line, which has successfully reduced the impact of human factors on the yield of finished products.

    Take WKPT’s online measurement as an example, its advantages can be examined from two aspects in practical application. From the specification side, the measurement method we’ve imported is contact measurement, such as Air Plug Gauge, which can measure with an accuracy of 0.002mm. The slight error caused by tool wear in the process is directly transferred to the machining correction through the measurement results. The CNC machines will do the compensation automatically in a simple and easy way, saving time by online workers correcting manually.

    WKPT’s automatic production line consists of an Italian COMAU NS series six-axis robotic arm, which can grip 16 kg materials, and the repeatability accuracy reaches 0.05mm. Also with COMAU Rebel four-axis robotic arm can grip 6 kg materials and the repeatability accuracy reaches 0.02mm.

    Our automatic production line consists of these two types of robotic arms for assisting in loading and unloading parts. The robotic arms have good repeatability accuracy which can prevent low production efficiency due to working fatigue.